soft fruit

Soft Fruit

Name (common name) & Description Conditions Size
Blackberry Bedfordshire Giant - Large, round glossy berries of good quality. Very sweet. A long established variety which ripens early and crops well. HEIGHT: TBC.
Blackberry Chester - A late season, thornless variety with good disease resistance and strong flavour. Good for heavy soils. PICK: Mid August to early October. HEIGHT: TBC.
Blackberry Oregon Thornless - Very late-season thornless variety with a good flavour and ornamental foliage. PICK: Late Aug-Late Sep. HEIGHT: TBC.
Blackcurrant Ben Connan - A heavy cropping frost tolerant Blackcurrant, with large berries with a rich flavour, Fruits mid july. HEIGHT: TBC.
Blackcurrant Ben Hope - Mid-season, very high yielding variety, producing medium sized berries. Very good flavour. Strong growing with upright habit and good disease resistance. CROP: July. HEIGHT: TBC.
Blackcurrant Ben Sarek - Compact, mid-season variety. Large black fruits in abundance. Frost and Mildew resistant. Excellent flavour. Heavy Cropper. HEIGHT: TBC.
Blackcurrant Boskoop Giant - Vigorous and spreading with large, sweet fruit. Ready for cropping in early July. Recomended spacing of 2m between each plant. Open and sunny aspect. sun HEIGHT: TBC.
Blackcurrant Malling Jet - A vigorous variety, with very long strings of smallish berries in August and early September. HEIGHT: TBC.
Blackcurrant Wellington XXX - Sweet and juicy fruit produced on a vigorous and spreading bush. Medium-large fruit. Heavy cropping. Often said to be the best flavour of all. PICK: Mid July. HEIGHT: TBC.
Blueberry Blue Crop - Large delicious berries from July. Good autumn leaf colour and red stems in winter. Ideal for containers. For LIME FREE soil in sun or semi shade. sunsemi HEIGHT: 1.5m SPREAD: 1.5m

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list updated Feb 2018

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