Spencer Wave Mixed

Sweet Peas - Spring 2018

All our Sweet Peas are HOMEGROWN from seed.

The recommended time for planting out is from March onwards. Sweet Peas benefit from well cultivated soil that has had a little well-rotted manure or compost added. Plant in an open sunny site, 20-30cm (8-12in) apart against a fence with pea net or a wigwam of canes. Protect against slugs, snails and birds. Make sure plants do not suffer from lack of water. Cut regularly to prolong flowering. A Care and Cultivation leaflet is available for further advice.

HEIGHT (approx)
      Betty Maiden     Spencer Variety. Highly scented and produces large heads of blue flake on good strong stems. RHS Award of Garden Merit.
      Charlies Angel     Large, pale-blue flowers overlaid with lavender, strong fragrance. Traditional tall variety.     2m
      Daleside Mixed     Spencer Varieties.  Our own mixture of favourites.     2m


Spencer Variety. Attractive violet on white flowers with a sweet fragrance.
      Kings High Scent     Cream flowers with violet edges. One of the most fragrant sweet peas.
Spencer Variety. Reddish-purple, highly fragrant flowers.
      Mrs Bernard Jones     Spencer Variety. Marbled pink flowers with wavy edges on long stems, ideal for cutting. Lightly scented.
      Mrs R Bolton     Large flowers are almond pink on white. Scented.     2m

      Noel Sutton
    Large, rich lavendar blue flowers with a strong scent     2m
      Our Harry     Spencer Variety. Gently-waved, dense lavender-blue flower with paler edges.     2m
      Sir Max Hastings     Spencer Variety. Large, frilly, deep purple blooms on long stems. Ideal for Exhibition. Highly scented. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

      Valerie Harrod
    Spencer Variety. Well scented coral pink blooms on cream. Very elegant large flowers which make for a striking bloom.    

      White Frills     Frilly-edged white petals which appear in small clusters throguhout summer. Strong growth and highly scented.    

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above inforamtion given both on this list and our our labels. However, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances. Plants subject to availability. List updated March 2018.

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