Hydrangeas are popular garden shrubs with delicate heads of flowers in shades of pink, white or blue and pretty autumn colour and leaf shape. The mophead and lace-cap hydrangeas are most well-known for their ability to change colour in different soils. There is a Care and Cultivation leaflet available to help you care for your hydrangea.

  arborescens Annabelle   (Mophead)       A spectacular form, huge fragrant creamy-white dome-shaped flowers during July and September.       2.5m  
  aspera Hot Chocolate   (Lacecap)       Large, pink-violet lacecap flowers above chocolate-brown foliage in summer. Good autumn colour.       3m  
  macrophylla Blue Wave   (Lacecap)       Blue flowers surrounded by blue ray florets (pink in alkaline soils) during August. Very hardy and long lived.       1.5m  
  macrophylla Cotton Candy   (Lacecap)       Pink or blue lacecap flowers on old and new stems Compact long-flowering form.        1m  
  macrophylla Forever   (Lacecap)       Small, soft-pink double layered flowers between June and October.        1-1.5m  
  macrophylla King George   (Mophead)       Rose-pink flowers with large florets and serrated sepals during July and September.        1.2m  
  macrophylla Mme Emille Moulliere   (Mophead)       Large florets with serrated sepals. White with pink or blue eyes.       1m   
  macrophylla nigra   (Mophead)       Black stems with pink or blue flowers during summer.        1.5m  
  macrophylla Together   (Mophead)       Double flowers from light to dark pink. Red flowers during winter. Flowers last a long period.        1.5m  
  paniculata Kyushu   (Conical)       Masses of creamy-white flowers during August and September. Compact habit and dark, glossy green foliage.        2.4m  
  paniculata Pink Diamond   (Conical)       Creamy-white sterile and fertile flowers which age to a deep pink, borne from late summer into autumn.        2.5m  
  paniculata Vanille-Fraise   (Conical)       Creamy-white flowers turning shades of pink as they mature from June to August.        2m  
  Sabrina   (Mophead)       Large, white flowers edged pink are produced from mid to late summer.        1m  
  Salsa   (Mophead)       Large, pale-pink flushed white flowers with dark edges.        1m+  
  Sandra   (Lacecap)       White flowers with pink edges from mid spring to summer.        1.2m  
  serrata Preziosa   (Mophead)       Pink florets turn red during June to September.        1.2m  
  Zorro   (Lacecap)   NEW variety producing rose-pink flowers in alkaline soils and blue flowers in acid soils.    1.2-1.7m

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on our lists and labels. However, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances.
Varieties offered are subject to availability.

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