With masses of sweetly scented cascading flowers of blue lilac, pink or white, wisteria are truly one of the most remarkable sights in any garden and undoubtedly the most aristocratic member of the pea family. They are a very adaptable climber and can be trained against a wall, up into a tree, over arches and pergolas or simply up a post. They are hardy and robust and their needs are simple. Give them a well-drained, fertile soil and a sheltered, predominately sunny position and they will give you spectacular floral displays for years to come. All our plants are grafted and usually flower within three to four years of grafting, significantly quicker than plants grown from seed. 

For more information about growing wisteria, see our care and culitvation guide.

floribunda Black Dragon       Fragrant, double, deep-dark purple flowers produced during May.       6m+      
floribunda Honbeni       Pale-rose flowers, tinged purple in long racemes during May to June.       8m+      
floribunda Macrobotrys       Slender, pale lilac-blue flowers, up to 1m long during early summer. Vigorous grower.        6m+      
floribunda Rosea       Perhaps the most popular of all wisterias. Fragrant, rose-pink flowers produced during May.        9m      
floribunda Snow Showers       Long racemes of pure white flowers produced during May and June.        8m+      
frutescens Longwood Purple       Late flowering form, deep-lilac, fragrant flowers from late spring to summer.       6m+       
frutescens Nivea       Compact form with pure-white, dense flowers with yellow centres, prudced during June.        5m+      
sinensis Alba       Fragrant white flowers produced during May and June.       9m       
sinensis Prematura (syn. Royal Purple)       Mauve-purple, scented flowers during spring. Reliably flowers from a young age.        8m+      


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on this list and on our labels. However, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances.

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