The noblest of all flowering trees and shrubs

A large and spectacular group of shrubs which flower mainly from April until June. The growth and leaf size vary enormously from dwarf, alpine types to large tree forms and because of this diversity there is a rhododendron or azalea for most gardens. The more compact varieties are ideal for growing in pots. If grouped together on a large scale, they make a fantastic display. This can also be achieved on a smaller scale with the more compact varieties. Rhododendrons and azaleas are fairly low maintenance if they are grown in a suitable site. For best results they require light shade, with a moist but well-drained, LIME-FREE soil, rich in organic matter. The dwarf alpine types and evergreen azaleas will tolerate full sun, as long as the soil does not dry out. An annual mulch of composted bark/leaf mould or pine needles in late winter will both nourish the plants and help to retain moisture in the soil. The range of plants consists of:

  • Species Rhododendron  -  Less free-flowering than hardy hybrids but usually more interesting foliage.
  • Hardy Hybrid Rhododendron -  Traditional larger growing types with large showy flowers.
  • Dwarf Rhododendron  -  Smaller growing and more compact plants that are ideal for rockeries and containers.

Name (common name) & Description Conditions Size
Bengal (Dwarf) Dark red flowers in late April and early May. Low and compact habit. HEIGHT: 40cm SPREAD: 90cm
Cowslip (Dwarf) Bell-shaped, pale primrose flowers with pale pink flush in late April. Neat, rounded habit. HEIGHT: 90cm SPREAD: 90cm
Crane (Dwarf) Beautiful creamy-white flowers from April and May. HEIGHT: 90cm
Cunningham's White (Hardy Hybrid) Pink buds open to white flowers with a yellow blotch during late April. HEIGHT: 2.4m SPREAD: 1.8m
Dopey (Yakushimanum Hybrid) Deep red flowers during May. HEIGHT: 80cm SPREAD: 1m
Dusty Miller (Yakushimanum Hybrid) Pink buds open to yellow flowers in May. HEIGHT: 90cm
Elizabeth Red (Dwarf) Rich red flowers during May, on an upright shrub. HEIGHT: 90cm SPREAD: 1.3m
Fantastica (Yakushimanum Hybrid) A compact grower, opening red shading to white, spotted yellow and green. Flowers during May. HEIGHT: 90cm
Firerim (Hardy Hybrid) Deep pink flowers with pale yellow insides in May. HEIGHT: 80cm
Ginny Gee (Dwarf) Deep pink buds opening to pale pink flowers in April-May. HEIGHT: 70cm SPREAD: 90cm

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