Lavender is an easy to grow, evergreen shrub that produces masses of beautifully scented flowers above green or silvery-grey foliage. This drought-tolerant plant thrives in any poor or moderately fertile, free-draining soil in full sun and is ideal for chalky or alkaline soils. Lavender are ideal for sunny borders, containers, herb or gravel gardens.

                  angustifolia Arctic Snow (English)         Fragrant white flowers produced from mid to late summer.         50cm        
                  angustifolia Ashdown Forest (English)         Short spikes of pale blue flowers during summer.         45cm        
                  angustifolia Blue Cushion (English)         Profuse blue flowers from June to late summer. Ideal for pots.         60cm        
                  angustifolia Hidcote (English)         Violet flowers in spikes, from July to October. Ideal as a hedge.         45cm        
                  angustifolia Imperial Gem (English)         Similar colour and habit to Hidcote, but less prone to disease and makes a better-formed bush.          40cm        
          angustifolia Munstead (English)         Lavender-blue flowers from early summer onwards.         45cm        
                  angustifolia Rosea (English)         Pink flowers summer to early autumn. Attracts butterflies and bees.         60cm        
                  angustifolia Thumberlina Leigh (English)         A dwarf form producing small, dark violet-purple flowers from June onwards.         25cm        
          intermedia Pure Platinum         Strong, silver foliage with tall flowers spikes. Copes well with humidity and cold.         75cm        
                  stoechas Fathead (French)         Aromatic grey-green foliage. Large spikes of plum-purple flowers during summer.         60cm        
          stoechas Helmsdale (French)         Compact aromatic grey-green foliage and large fragrant spikes of deep mauve purple flowers from late spring to early autumn.         60cm        

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