Citrus may not hardy in Britain but can be grown in summer, outdoors in pots, then brought into a cool, (frost-free), bright environment for the winter, ideally a conservatory, glazed porch or sunny windowsill in a cool room. Limes need a little more warmth. The fragrant flowers appear all year round, but are especially abundant in late winter, and fruit ripens up to 12 months later, so they often flower and fruit at the same time.


  Lime Kaffir - HOUSEPLANT/CONSERVATORY. Requires a lot of direct sunlight. The leaves can be used to flavour Asian dishes. Feed regularly with citrus feed. Care leaflet available.

        Lime Tahiti - Bright green, zesty fruits throughout the year. Glossy, dark foliage, the delicate clusters of tiny white flowers fill the air with their delicious fragrance. Fruits may take a year to ripen but are well worth the wait. These lovely, seedless limes are produced in abundance. Once harvested, the fruits will keep up to 2 weeks.

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