Bramley Clone - (Cooking). 20% less vigorous than 'Bramleys Seedling'. Sharp, fruity flavour. Cooks and bakes well. Excellent keeper.

PICK: October. USE: October-March. POLLINATION GROUP: 3 (Triploid).





Bramley's Seedling - (Cooking). Large bright green fruit. Sharp fruity flavour. Cooks, bakes and keeps well.

PICK: October. USE: October-March. POLLINATION GROUP: 3 (Triploid).


Christmas Pippin - (Eating) - NEW. A high quality variety that is very easy to grow with a good Cox flavour. Both flowers and crops heavily.

PICK: October. USE: October-January. POLLINATION GROUP: 3.



Cobra - (Eating) - A perfect dual pupose apple, thats a cross between a Cox and a Bramley. A slight acidic, but tangy flavour.

PICK: September. USE: December. POLLINATION GROUP: 3.



Core Blimey - (Eating) - Wonderfully aromatic, juicy and crisp. It is a highly flavoured Cox type apple, but easier to grow. Disease Resistant.

PICK: October. USE: October. POLLINATION GROUP: 3. 

cox sf        

Cox Self Fertile - (Eating) - Fruit has a beautiful orange flush over greenish yellow. Deep cream flesh with aromatic flavour.

PICK: October. USE: October-January. POLLINATION GROUP: 3 (Self Fertile). 


Crispin - (Eating) - A crisp, sweet apple, similar to a Golden Delicious. Heavy cropper.

PICK: October. USE: October. POLLINATION: 3.




Discovery - (Eating) - Pale green fruit flushed bright red. Crisp and juicy.Perhaps the finest early apple.Delicious when eaten straight fromthe tree.





Egremont Russet - (Eating) - Golden-brown skin with patches of dark russet. Firm, creamy flesh with sweet aromatic flavour. Good frost resistance.






Fiesta - (Eating) - An alternative in Northern England to 'Cox'. Bright red fruit with same sweet and juicy flavour as the Cox.





Katy - (Eating) - Heavy crops of bright red early fruits, with sweet juicy firm flesh. Good pollinator.



Limelight - (Eating) - An improvement on 'Greensleeves'. Heavy crops of disease resistant fruits with a pink flush and a crisp refreshing taste.

PICK: September. USE: September-November. POLLINATION GROUP: 3 (Self Fertile)




Red Falstaff - (Eating) - A heavy cropper with crisp and juicy fruits. Frost resistant.

PICK: October. USE: October-March. POLLINATION GROUP: 3 (Self Fertile).




Scrumptious - (Eating) - A self fertile disease resistant form suitable for all areas in the UK. Mid season flowering.

PICK: September. USE: September. POLLINATION GROUP: 3 (Self Fertile). 

tickled pink        

Tickled Pink - (Cooking/Eating) - Ornamental red/violet flowers in Spring, followed by full red fleshed fruit, with a crisp sweet flavour.

PICK: September-October. USE: September-January. POLLINATION GROUP: 3.

        Family Apple Tree - Three varieties on one tree - Herefordshire Russet (Eating) - Fiesta (Eating) - Cox Self Fertile (Eating)

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