Magnolias are true aristocrats of the tree and shrub world. Most are deciduous and flower in Spring before their leaves emerge. An evergreen form, M. grandiflora, will flower intermittently throughout summer and into autumn. Some smaller growing types, such as M. stellata, will happily grow for many years in a container. They respond well to rich living and generally these requirements are easily met; a good, moist, humus-rich but well-drained soil thats not too thin or too chalky. Mulch annually with composted bark and for the early flowering species, provide some protection from spring frosts. Pruning is minimal and only required when the plant is young in order to give it shape or to thin congested branches on old specimens.

Name (common name) & Description Conditions Size
Black Tulip - Very profuse flowers, reminiscent of a black tulip. Flowers in spring and often again in mid-summer. HEIGHT: 6m
Elizabeth - Spectacular, fragrant creamy-yellow flowers during spring. Neat conical habit and large deep green foilage. HEIGHT: 7m+
Galaxy - Large, scented red-purple flowers late enough in Spring to miss most frosts. Flowers freely on young plants. HEIGHT: 5m
George Henry Kern - Attractive form with fragrant flowers. Lilac-red exterior and white interior produced during March and April. HEIGHT: 3-5m
grandiflora - Very large, creamy-white fragrant flowers through summer and early autumn. Prefers a sheltered position. HEIGHT: 6m+
Heaven Scent - Fragrant pale pink flowers with a magenta stripe, from mid-spring to early summer. Needs a sheltered position. HEIGHT: 4-6m
Iolanthe - Large, rose-pink and creamy-white flowers in mid spring. Flowers from a young age. HEIGHT: 7-10m
Porcelain Dove - Large, white, scented flowers produced from late spring well into the summer. HEIGHT: 3m in 10 years
sieboldii - Fragrant white flowers with crimson stamens from May to August. HEIGHT: 8m
Star Wars - Free flowering. Starry bright rosy-pink flowers during late winter and early spring. Neat, upright rounded habit. HEIGHT: 3m+

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