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Christmas Gift Ideas


As well as the run up to Christmas, we are very busy in the nursery at the moment. The Bare-rooted Roses which recently came into stock are selling fast. The Poinsettias we have been growing since July are all ready and going out into the shop. The Camellias and Hamamelis are in bud. Raspberry Canes and Asparagus plants are also in. We have some great gift ideas together too in readiness for Christmas - hand toolskneelo kneeling padsgardening books and amaryllis gift boxes. Don't forget the National Garden Gift Vouchers and Daleside Gift Vouchers, they are always a welcome alternative gift for friends and family. See below for Christmas Opening Times.

Christmas Trees.....

We've five different varieties of Christmas tree this year, including the beautiful silvery Fraser Fir. Our care and cultivation leaflet, gives you good advice on how to look after them too. Plus - in the New Year, we are offering to re-cycle your Christmas Tree:

Recycle your Christmas Tree and we will give you a £5 voucher to spend in store during January and February! 

(Your receipt from Daleside Nurseries Ltd will be required as proof of purchase when returning your Christmas tree for recycling. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a collection service)

Poinsettia.....The symbol of Christmas

If the bright red berries of holly and the evergreen foliage of ivy are the symbols of Christmas outdoors, then the poinsettia with its large brightly coloured bracts, (modified leaves) is surely the symbol of Christmas indoors. The poinsettia of today is a far cry from it’s forbears. Compact and rounded in habit with an amazingly varied range of colours, the past 25 years has seen a huge increase in the popularity of poinsettias. Often, mistakenly, regarded as difficult to look after, poinsettias provide several months of colour if a few simple rules are followed.

See our full range of Home Grown Poinsettias and Care leaflet

fito feeder        

To keep your Home Grown Poinsettias looking healthy, use Fito Poinsettia and Christmas Cacti Drip Feeder. Just twist & feed. Automatically drip feeds a little every day. Prolongs flowering and keeps plants healthier for longer.


Cyclamen.....The perfect houseplant for any cool windowsill

cyclamenCyclamen are perhaps the most popular of all winter flowering house plants. They have a long flowering period, easily blooming from September until March, come in a wide range of colours with beautifully contrasting leaves and a compact growing habit.

They are also remarkably easy to look after, refer to our care leaflet for advice.

Hamamelis (Witchhazel).....


x intermedia Diane. Excellent, red flowers opening during winter. Leaves colour richly through autumn. The best red Witch Hazel yet.

HEIGHT: 3m. We have over 350 varieties of shrubs to choose from.

Jobs for December.....

  • Make sure your greenhouse heater is working correctly.
  • Spray the soil around roses with a winter wash to help prevent Black Spot next year.
  • Protect newly planted and vulnerable plants from rabbits and squirrels.
  • Insulate outdoor taps from frost.
  • Reduce the risk of disease next year by maintaining good garden hygiene. Rake up, burn or bury infected leaves.
  • Keep feeding garden birds.

For a more extensive list of gardening advice, have a look at the Daleside Garden Calendar for hints and tips, on what you could be doing in the garden at this time of year.  We regularly update the calendar with details of activities for the coming months.


Availability Lists - Regularly updated lists showing all the plants & trees we have in stock.  
It is well worth viewing our online Gallery, for anyone who appreciates the beauty of plants and flowers. All the photographs are taken by our in-house photographer and are available to purchase.  

Christmas & New Year Opening Times

  DECEMBER                                        JANUARY         
  Sunday 24th             8.30 - 3pm                                 Monday 1st             Closed  
  Monday 25th             Closed                                 Tuesday 2nd             Closed  
  Tuesday 26th             Closed                                 Wednesday 3rd             Re-open (Winter Hours)  
  Wednesday 27th             Closed                                
  Thursday 28th             Closed                                                  
  Friday 29th             8.30am - 4pm                                                  
  Saturday 30th             8.30am - 4pm                                                  
  Sunday 31st             8.30am - 3pm                                                

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