Over 300 varieties of shrubs to choose from.
We have over 500 varieties of Perennials to choose from.
A rose for every occasion.....


We are always planning ahead for the forthcoming seasons.....

A rare glimpse into our shrub 'growing' area. We have over 300 varieties to choose from.             Our tree stocks are growing well too, and will soon be available to purchase.

      This years' Poinsettias are coming along nicely and will be ready for Christmas.      

Summer Flowering Perennials.....

  By now, you should be reaping the rewards from all your hard work in the garden, these past few months. Keep deadheading, feeding and watering to encourage new growth, and fill in any gaps in the borders with colourful and interesting Hardy Perennials like Penstemon, Astilbe, Helenium and Agapanthus. We are very proud of our selection of Perennials, and can offer over 300 new and traditional varieties to choose from.  

Many perennials attract bees and butterflies to their blooms, and make great cut flowers too. They are also incredibly versatile and can be used as fillers between shrubs, planted as groundcover beneath trees, grown in containers or planted on their own to create a classic herbaceous border. An easy alternative to annual flowers, returning each year and growing larger as they mature.

If planted early in the year, they give an almost instant impact, while slower-growing trees and shrubs are getting established. Equally, they can often be easily moved if they are put in the wrong position.


Spring Flowering Bulbs.....

The Spring-flowering bulbs have arrived. As always, we have some NEW and interesting varieties this year, along with the best selection of traditional favourites. NEW ones include a 'Daffodil of the year' called 'Rainbow', a Fritillaria 'Pontica' and a Narcissi 'Starlight Sensation'. Below is a brief description:

      Daffodil of the Year 'Rainbow'         White with peach cup. Flowers: April. HEIGHT: 40cm       
      Fritillaria 'Pontica'         Lime, citron green bells. Flowers: April to May. HEIGHT: 25cm      
      Narcissi 'Starlight Sensation'         Multi-headed white. Fragrant. Flowers: April. HEIGHT: 35cm      

Fruit Trees.....

        August is an excellent time to plant fruit trees. To help you choose the right one, the Fruit Tree Availability List has just been updated.        





Egremont Russet (MM106) (Bush Eating Apple) Golden-brown skin with patches of dark russet. Firm creamy flesh with sweet aromatic flavour. POLLINATION GROUP: 2 PICK :Oct 



        If you are looking for a particular variety of Clematis, we have just updated our availability list, which shows you the wide range of PatioHybrid and Species clematis we have available.        

Sacha -  A beautiful clematis. Purple flowers with creamy yellow anthers from April to August. HEIGHT: 1.5m

        Dead-head your clematis regularly at this time of year, to encourage growth and feed with a slow-release fertiliser such as Vitax Clematis Feed or Vitax Q4.        






Offer subject to availability and only whilst stocks last


Jobs for.....August

  • Liquid drench your container-grown plants for vine weevil grubs. We recommend Bayer Provado Vine Weevil Killer 2.
  • If you are going on holiday, don't forget to move your potted plants to a shady place to reduce their water requirements. 
  • Harvest maincrop potatoes.
  • Late August is an excellent time to start sowing lawns. The warm soil and overnight dews give the seed a perfect start.
  • Keep deadheading flowering plants such as roses regularly so as to encourage flowering.
  • Prune out fruited canes on summer-cropping raspberries.


For a more extensive list of gardening advice, have a look at the Daleside Garden Calendar for hints and tips, on what you could be doing in the garden at this time of year. We regularly update the calendar with details of activities for the coming months. Regularly updated lists showing all the plants and trees we have in stock (subject to availability)

It is well worth viewing our online Gallery, for anyone who appreciates the beauty of plants and flowers. All the photographs are taken by our in-house photographer and are available to purchase.

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