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Now the bulbs are fading, its time to think about which bedding you are going to plant, but be aware there are still frosts about. It's time to get back into the swing of mowing the lawn regularly and it will be loving the warmer temperatures this month will bring.

Plant of the Month.....Wisteria

wisteriaWith masses of sweetly scented cascading flowers of blue lilac, pink or white, wisteria are truly one of the most remarkable sights in any garden and undoubtedly the most aristocratic member of the pea family. They are a very adaptable climber and can be trained against a wall, up into a tree, over arches and pergolas or simply up a post. They are hardy and robust and their needs are simple. Give them a well-drained, fertile soil and a sheltered, predominately sunny position and they will give you spectacular floral displays for years to come. 

All our plants are grafted and usually flower within three to four years of grafting, significantly quicker than plants grown from seed. 

For more information about growing wisteria, see our care and culitvation guide.

Bedding Plants.....

Add long lasting summer colours and scents to your garden with our HOME GROWN bedding plants. There is virtually every colour you can think of and for every situation, suitable to grow in beds, containers, pots and on patios.

'Home Grown for excellent quality'

pot bedding

One of the glasshouses where we grow over 120k summer bedding plants each year.

Again, we have gone all out to offer you a great range of Summer Bedding Plants, not only the tried and tested varieties, but a great selection of new and improved ones too.



Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Compact, double blooms, in either Pink, Lemon or Blue. 


Bacopa Adunda - 

 Hundreds of beautiful flowers cover these trailing plants all summer.

HEIGHT: 20-30cm


Calibrachoa cabaret -

An abundance of bright blooms cover these well-branched, trailing plants.

HEIGHT: 15-25cm


Cosmos - 

Recognizable daisy flower. Very low maintenance.

HEIGHT: 61cm


A riot of colour and scents, well worth a visit!!  

Poterie Goicoechea - New range of handmade pots.....

Nestled between the Pyrenean mountains and green valleys of the Basque Country, the Goicoechea family have been creating earthenware pottery for three 3 generations. Creations full of character, where traditional know-how and quality are behind a family's prestige. Although the gestures remain identical, the shapes and colours evolve with trends, inspired by the family's journeys, discoveries and encounters....


Tradition has been reinvented by the Goicoechea family and its exclusive collections, unique items for both indoors and outdoors.


Dianthus (also called pinks) may be found as hardy annual, biennial or perennial. They are often used in borders or potted and many of them are fragrant. Here is a selection of three of our favourites.....


Memories - Award winning Dianthus. Absolutely beautiful! Compact plant with outstanding spicy fragrance. Whetman Pinks version of the famous 'Mrs Siskins' introduced in 1863. Flowers repeatedly during April and September. Highly fragrant. 

HEIGHT: 28cm



Bubblegum - New for 2015. Shocking pink, sweetly fragrant and an exciting new colour for the perennial border.

HEIGHT: 40cm



The Wessex Pink - New for 2015. Soft grey foliage, a delicate pink with a raspberry centre, very double and sweetly fragrant.

HEIGHT: 45cm



Montana's are a great choice to grow now as they flower from May to June. They tend to be vigorous, which is useful for covering large areas, quickly and can be grown through trees. They are mainly white, but some shades of pink and are often scented. We have an excellent selection of clematis to choose from.....


Warwickshire Rose

Deep pink flowers May-June against dark foliage. For any fertile soil in sun or semi-shade.

HEIGHT: 6-8m. SPREAD: 4m



Purple Rain

Deep purple nodding flowers with long petals in spring and late summer. Plant in a deep fertile, well-drained soil in any aspect.





Spring Velvet

Deep velvet purple flowers in spring. No pruning required. Plant in a well drained soil in a sunny aspect.




There is nothing better than picking fresh strawberries from your garden, we have several varieties to choose from, some suitable for patio containers, whilst some varieties can be grown in hanging baskets, ideal if space is an issue. Here is a selection of some of the varieties we have this season:



Very attractive glossy fruit with red flesh and excellent flavour. Crops from early to late June.

cambridge favourite            

Cambridge Favourite

Heavy crops of large fruits, excellent flavour and quality. Good disease resistance.



Bears a good crop of large sweetly flavoured orange-red berries. Very high yield during mid-June to mid- July.

Itoh Paeonies.....

Named after the Japanese peony breeder, Toichi Itoh and also known as intersectional peonies, they are hybrids between tree peonies and herbaceous peonies. With large blooms over an extended period, off-set with attractive foliage they are highly sought after and make excellent cut flowers.

Callie's Memory - Highly sought after. Beautiful creamy-apricot flowers with maroon flares and light scent. Fertile soil in sun/partial shade. HEIGHT:70cm.

                Nippon Beauty - Single, dark red flowers with a small yellow centre in late spring-early summer. Plant in a fertile soil in sun or partial shade. HEIGHT: 60-90cm.

                Cora Louise - Highly sought after. Semi-double white flowers with lavender centre, light fragrance. Fertile soil in sun/partial shade. HEIGHT:70cm.

Tomato Plants.....

                Tomato Plants - Favourite, Shirley, Cossack, Super Marmande, Sungold, Sweet Million, Super Sweet, Sweet 100, Tumbling Tom, Tumber, Golden Sunrise are ready now. We also stock a huge range of other vegetable plants and herbs.

Grafted Tomato Plants - We have Alicante and Sungold available for a short while. Grafted plants are stronger and are grown outside in the garden. They have an excellent disease resistance and can be grown in the same place year after year.

Alicante - Medium sized fruits with a good taste.

For a more extensive list of gardening advice, have a look at the Daleside Garden Calendar for hints and tips, on what you could be doing in the garden at this time of year.  We regularly update the calendar with details of activities for the coming months.


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