Over 300 varieties of shrubs to choose from.
We have over 500 varieties of Perennials to choose from.
A rose for every occasion.....

October in the Garden.....

Whilst it may be feeling colder, Autumn is often the most colourful time of year. Bear in mind that the early frosts are appearing, so prepare for that, but at the same time start planning for next year. Order seeds, and dig over vegetable plots. Keep raking the leaves up, and harvesting fruit. Mow the lawn and trim hedges for the last time this year.

Fruit Trees.....

Fruit trees grown in the garden yield rewards throughout the year. Their flowers are often one of the first signs that spring has well and truly arrived and the dark winter days are behind us. Many fruit trees, such as Apples, Pears and Cherries are more than a match for any ornamental flowering tree. Then of course there’s the fruit. Picking an apple fresh from the tree has to be one of autumn’s greatest pleasures. There is a staggeringly wide selection of fruit trees to grow in your garden, from the humble Apple or Pear to the more exotic looking Mulberry, Medlar and Quince. You don’t need to own a large orchard to grow fruit trees. Thanks to the dwarfing root stocks many fruit trees are grafted onto and the wide range of styles such as bush, fan-trained, step-over, cordon or espalier, even the smallest of gardens will be able to accommodate at least one. Our Fruit Tree List is now available.

If you still have doubts about growing fruit trees in your garden you can of course talk to us. Alternatively, we can recommend The Fruit Tree Expert by Dr D. G. Hessayon as an excellent, no nonsense bed-time read.

           CHERRY - MORELLO
 Red, thin skinned fruit with a delicious flavour. Disease resistant.
 Long, pale green fruit, with patches of russet. Excellent flavour. Partially self fertile. POLLINATION GROUP: 3
Large, dark red fruits with a bitter sweet flavour. Excellent for cooking.

Bare rooted Roses.....


Bare-rooted roses will be coming into stock soon, a list will be available shortly, when stocks are confirmed.

Purple Skyliner (Rambler) -  NEW. Trusses of sweetly scented purple blooms fading to mauve and grey. Continuous flowering.

HEIGHT: 2.4m SPREAD: 1.8m


Raspberry Canes.....


Plan it Plant it.....



                hta logo                     poinsettia growing
Raspberry Canes will be in soon. 13 varieites to choose from - Glen Ample, Malling Admiral, Cascade Delight........                       Cooler days and warm soil make autumn the best time to plant most trees and shrubs.                       13 varieties of Home Grown poinsettias will be available to choose from this year. (Retail Sales only)

Spring Flowering Bulbs.....

We have a good selection of Spring-flowering bulbs in stock and although we like to keep the traditional favourites, we always add many NEW and interesting varieties. 

 Jobs for October.....

  • Collect the fallen leaves from your roses. This way you wont carry diseases over to next year.
  • This is the best time of year to move shrubs and conifers that are in the wrong place or have outgrown their current position.
  • Install a water butt and start collecting rain. Next year you can water your plants for free..
  • Wrap grease bands around your fruit trees to protect them from winter moth.
  • Plant spring bedding plants such as pansies, forget-me-nots, wallflowers and primula.
  • Insulate your outdoor tap and pipes before the winter cold arrives.
  • Build a pile of logs for beneficial insects and animals to hibernate in.


For a more extensive list of gardening advice, have a look at the Daleside Garden Calendar for hints and tips, on what you could be doing in the garden at this time of year.  We regularly update the calendar with details of activities for the coming months.  

Availability Lists - Regularly updated lists showing all the plants & trees we have in stock.

It is well worth viewing our online Gallery, for anyone who appreciates the beauty of plants and flowers. All the photographs are taken by our in-house photographer and are available to purchase.  

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