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A rose for every occasion.....

In January, there can be frosts, gale-force winds and heavy rain, so make sure you protect your plants against them. Check stakes, ties and plant supports and maybe consider moving some plants to brighter but less windy places. Use a winter tree wash to control any over-wintering pests on fruit trees. Remember to regularly feed the birds and wildlife as food can be scarce for them over winter. Take a fresh look at your garden and plan for the forthcoming year. There are always new plants and seed varieties to try.

Plant of the month - Hamamelis.....


January can be a long, dark and cold month with seemingly little going on in the garden. However, to think like this would be wrong, for there is a group of shrubs that bring vibrancy like no others can to the New Year garden. The spidery-like flowers of Witch Hazel, or Hamamelis to give them their botanical name, look delicate and frail but for six or eight weeks from late December through to mid-February they are perhaps the toughest of all winter flowering shrubs. The thin, strap-like petals form a profusion of flowers clumped along the stems. The usual flower colours are yellow or orange and these remain the most popular but in recent years a number of red or deep purple varieties have been bred. Many varieties have a sweet scent and the majority are also noted for their autumn colour with leaves turning yellow, gold or orange during October and November. Tough, winter flowering, scented and with good autumn colour, what more could you ask for in a shrub?

Summer Flowering Bulbs.....


A huge choice of summer flowering bulbs are due in soon.

Dahlia Boogie Woogie - A stunning anemone-type dahlia. The flowers consist of two layers of pink and white petals, with a crown of yellow petals above. HEIGHT: 1.2m

Seed Potatoes.....


Available between January and March. We have 24 varieties to choose from this year, new and traditional varieties.  

Manitou - Red skins with light yellow flesh. Excellent eating quality.

Adding winter interest to your garden.....

Looking for a bit of colour or interest in your garden at this time of year?


EVERGREEN SHRUBS -  Add interest to your garden over winter. We have an excellent selection of shrubs to choose from.

Viburnum tinus - White flowers, pink in bud, appear late autumn-early spring followed by tiny blue black berries. HEIGHT: 2.5m.


CAMELLIA - Evergreen shrubs that flower late Autumn to early Spring. Relatively, easy to care for and ideal for growing in containers in a cool greenhouse or conservatory. 

Jury's Yellow -  The yellowest flowering Camellia. Masses of creamy yellow flowers Feb to April. HEIGHT 2.5m


CLIMBERS - A great selection of climbers to choose from. Clematis cirrhosa, Hedera and Jasmine.

Clematis armandii - Masses of creamy-white scented flowers during April-May. HEIGHT: 5m.


Trees and Shrubs.....

betula costata          

Betula costata Daleside. DECIDUOUS TREE. Beautiful, creamy-white interesting bark, which peels in large flakes. Rich, golden leaf colour in autumn.

Suits all soils and aspects. HEIGHT: 5m in 20 years.


Sarcococca confusa. EVERGREEN SHRUB. Clump forming with pointed glossy green foliage. Clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers in winter, followed by black fruits.

Suits most soils in semi-shade or shade. HEIGHT: 2m.


Keeping you up to date with whats happening at the nursery.....

POTTED DAFFODILS  - The first signs of Spring - ready in a pot.

ROSES - The bare-rooted roses have been potted into containers, the list is being updated.

ORNAMENTAL TREES - are being potted into Superoots AIR-POTS. The benefits of the Air-Pot container is that it is made from recycled HDPE, this helps to eliminate root circling and performs very well in extreme weather.

SWEET PEAS - will be available for planting out from mid March to around the end of May.

HARDY CYCLAMEN - Coum varieties. Pink or white with variegated leaves, and can be planted outside.

ERICA CARNEA - A nice range of heathers are available, use to add instant colour to your garden.

Jobs for January.....

  • Spray fruit trees and bushes with a winter wash. Choose a calm day to do so.
  • Make sure that your greenhouse heating is working.
  • Prune apple and pear trees.
  • After strong winds, check and if required, firm back recently planted trees, shrubs etc.
  • Brush heavy snow off conifers, climbers, light-limbed trees and shrubs ,before damage occurs. 
  • Keep feeding garden birds.
  • Buy seed potatoes.

For a more extensive list of gardening advice, have a look at the Daleside Garden Calendar for hints and tips, on what you could be doing in the garden at this time of year.  We regularly update the calendar with details of activities for the coming months.


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It is well worth viewing our online Gallery, for anyone who appreciates the beauty of plants and flowers. All the photographs are taken by our in-house photographer and are available to purchase.  

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