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We are the largest stockists in North of England for Conifers.

March .....

As Spring approaches, the bulbs are appearing and the birds and wildlife are waking up. The garden is now coming to life again, there are jobs to be done and lots of planning for the forthcoming seasons. Keep feeding the birds too.

Plant of the Month..... Camellia

With attractive glossy green foliage and exotic flowers, camellias are among the elite of evergreen shrubs. In northern England they will flower during late winter and early spring when grown outside or several weeks earlier, depending on the cultivar, when grown in a container under glass. Large plants can often carry hundreds of flowers. Camellias require a moist but well-drained, LIME-FREE soil or compost and are best when grown in light shade. Protect from cold winds and early morning sun, frosted flowers and buds caught by early morning sun can be disfigured due to bursting cells.

Margaret Davies - Full peony form flowers in early spring are creamy-white with carmine streaks. HEIGHT: 2.5m.


We have doubled the size of the Rose area, giving us much needed space to show you our wide range of varieties


Mum in a Million (Hybrid Tea) - Very fragrant medium pink flowers. REPEAT FLOWERING. Plant in sun in a well-drained soil.

HEIGHT: 80cm


Conifers can offer all year round interest to the gardener, either planted in a conventional conifer and heather garden, giving form and structure to a mixed garden, or as individual specimens on a patio. 


Here at Daleside, we probably have one of the best ranges of conifers in the North of England, including over 60 varieties of Pines, from the very dwarf Pinus Mugo Sherwood Compact (HEIGHT: 45cm SPREAD: 60cm in 10 years) to the large and graceful Pinus Wallichiana (Bhutan Pine), (HEIGHT: 20m in 10 years).

Abies koreana - Dark green foliage with silver undersides. Cylindrical violet purple cones freely produced when young. HEIGHT: 3m.


Trees and Shrubs..... 

With over 140 varieties of Trees to choose from.....


Betula costata Daleside - DECIDUOUS TREE. Beautiful creamy white bark peeling in large flakes. Rich golden leaf colour in autumn. Suits all soils and aspects.  



.....and over 450 Shrubs, you are sure to be able to find one suitable for your garden.


Skimma japonica Olympic Flame - EVERGREEN SHRUB. A compact FEMALE form. Berries produced in upright bunches from October to April. Ideal for pots. Suits most soils in sun or semi shade.

HEIGHT: 1.5m. SPREAD: 1.5m.

Sweet Peas.....

Just 3 of the 13 varieties of Sweet Peas available this year.....


Heathcliff - (NEW VARIETY) A modern grandiflora type with large, very fragrant deep mauve-blue flowers.

HEIGHT: 1.8m approx



Villa Roma - A compact and bushy dwarf variety for tubs and hanging baskets with very fragrant scarlet flowers.

HEIGHT: 30cm approx



White Frills - Spencer Variety. Frilly-edged white petals which appear in small clusters throguhout summer. Strong growth and highly scented.

HEIGHT: 2m approx

More for March.....


Plums, Damsons and Gages... are now available after resting over the winter period.

Opal (Bush Eating Plum) - Reddish-purple, medium sized plums with a superb flavour. POLLINATION GROUP: 4  PICK: August  


Seed Potatoes... 24 Seed Potato varieties to choose from, traditional and unusual ones too. 

Pink Fir Apple (Maincrop) - Long, irregular tubers, pink skin, yellow flesh, waxy texture, good flavour. Great for salads.

Keeping you up to date with whats happening at the nursery.....

ORNAMENTAL TREES - Available from Mid-June, these are potted into Superoots AIR-POTS. The benefits of the Air-Pot container is made from recycled HDPE, it eliminates root circling and performs very well in extreme weather.

PRIMULA - An elegant, long season display of showy blooms in a beautiful range of colours for spring. Hardy. HEIGHT: 30-40cm 

ERICA CARNEA - An excellent range of different coloured Heathers are available, use to add instant colour to your garden.

Jobs for March..... 

  • Lift and divide Perennials
  • Start mowing the lawn, but only if required.
  • Plant lillies and other summer flowering bulbs.
  • Plant early potatoes and onions/shallots.
  • Prune group 2 and 3 clematis. See our care and cultivation guide for details.
  • Feed woody plants with a good quality general purpose fertiliser.
  • Start sowing vegetables such as early peas, carrot, lettuces, spinach, salad leaves and leeks, but wait until the weather is warm enough.

For a more extensive list of gardening advice, have a look at the Daleside Garden Calendar for hints and tips, on what you could be doing in the garden at this time of year.  We regularly update the calendar with details of activities for the coming months.


Availability Lists - Regularly updated lists showing all the plants & trees we have in stock.  
It is well worth viewing our online Gallery, for anyone who appreciates the beauty of plants and flowers. All the photographs are taken by our in-house photographer and are available to purchase.  

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