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Even if the February days don’t feel they are getting any warmer, they are getting longer and on the occasional mild day, you really do feel that spring is just around the corner. 

Plant of the Month.....Viburnum tinus

As if to herald spring’s arrival, these evergreen Viburnums, which have tantalised us throughout autumn and most of winter with their reddish-brown buds begin to flower. The clusters of tiny flowers vary from white through cream to pale pink depending on the cultivar grown and, if left untrimmed, are often followed by small, bright blue fruits.

However, trimming immediately after flowering results in a compact, bushy plant which produces even more flowers the following year. This trait has made Viburnum tinus and it’s cultivars a popular choice for creating small to medium-sized hedges. They grow in any well-drained soil in sun or semi-shade. Look out for the following cultivars. V. t. ‘Eve Price’ – pinky-white flowers. V. t. ‘Spirit’ – White. V. t. ‘Gwenllian’ white flushed pink. V. t. ‘Lisarose’ – pale pinkish-white.

Viburnum tinus Spirit. EVERGREEN SHRUB. Delightful form, masses of white flowers Oct-March, followed by black berries. Plant in moist well drained soil in sun or semi-shade. HEIGHT: 2m+

February 14th - Valentines Day.....


Primula 'Valentine' - Masses of large dark red, double flowers. Flowers during February. Highly fragrant.

HEIGHT: 10-15cm


Seed Potatoes.....


Available January to March, we have 21 varieties to choose from this year. Some new ones, along with some traditional, and heritage varieties.

Manitou (Maincrop) - NEW - Red skins with light yellow flesh. Excellent eating quality.


Trees and Shrubs.....

betula costata        

Betula costata Daleside. DECIDUOUS TREE. Beautiful creamy white bark, peeling in large flakes. Rich golden leaf colour in autumn.



Sarcococca confusa. EVERGREEN SHRUB. Clump forming with pointed glossy green foliage. Clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers in winter, followed by black fruits.



Galanthus elwesii (Snowdrop) - A magnificent and bold snowdrop with large and well marked flowers.

 Very strong growing.


erica australis riverslea

Heathers and Heaths - Hardy and adaptable, they provide colour and interest for 12 months of the year. They look very effective when grown en masse, but their range and adaptability provides much versatility. Can also be grown individually, such as a tree heath, in small groups, in pots and containers or as an integral part of winter hanging baskets and bedding displays.



Eranthis - Cup shaped, bright yellow flowers, 3cm in width, surrounded by divided leafy bracts. From late winter.

HEIGHT: 10cm

          Potted Daffodils - Another sign, Spring is on its way! - ready to plant out from the pot.

        Sweet Peas - Pots of seedlings and 11 varieties to choose from this year. Plant out from mid-march.

Roses - The roses have all been potted in our professional compost. 

Charisma - (Hybrid Tea) - Rich,  red-pink highly scented flowers. REPEAT FLOWERING.

HEIGHT: 80cm. SPREAD: 80cm.


Clematis - A great selection of Clematis available. 

Tekla -  (NEW) Masses of pink/red flowers from June-Sept. PRUNING GROUP 3.

HEIGHT 1.5-2m. 


Primulas - Elegant, long seasonal display of showy blooms in a beautiful range of colours during Spring. Hardy.

HEIGHT: 30-40cm

          Hardy Cyclamen - Coum varieties. Pink or white with variegated leaves - may be planted outside.

Iris George - A dwarf, bulbous iris with linear leaves and fragrant, deep violet-purple flowers 8cm across, marked with yellow during ealry Spring.

HEIGHT: 12cm

Jobs for February..... 

  • Sweet peas can be sown in an unheated greenhouse or cold frame.
  • Prune roses and summer flowering shrubs.
  • Cut back Group 3 (late flowering) clematis. See information leaflet or our website for pruning advice.
  • Plant onions and shallots.
  • Prune autumn fruiting raspberries. Prune all the canes back to ground level. 
  • Protect the roots of container-grown plants from prolonged frost. Insulate with bubble wrap or move to a sheltered place.



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If you have a good knowledge of plants, believe in first class customer service, can communicate clearly and effectively and know your way around a computer, why not send your CV in to us.

If you are interested in the above position, please send your CV together with a covering letter.


Have a look at the Daleside Garden Calendar for hints and tips, on what you could be doing in the garden at this time of year.  We regularly update the calendar with details of activities over the forthcoming months.


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